Quarantine Journal #2: Mad

At this point, I can be mad with what is going on in our country. How can the federal government be seizing PPEs bought by states directed to hospitals to protect those doing the very important front-line work of saving lives?

Article here: https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2020-04-07/hospitals-washington-seize-coronavirus-supplies

Hospitals and states are afraid to speak up because of possible retaliation by our current president.

Here’s an article of how 10% of California’s corona virus cases are health care workers: https://www.sfgate.com/coronavirus/article/California-health-care-workers-COVID-cases-data-15188691.php

The federal government says that it is supposedly redirecting these supplies to those who need it most. We have no idea if the hospitals will get them back. I doubt they will. However, it’s clear that hospitals are top of the chain in terms of needing PPEs. Who is more deserving or in need of it than the health care workers working diligently to save lives often at the expense of their own health?

They say anger is a secondary emotion, meaning it covers up primary emotions like sadness and fear. I feel a genuine sadness and sorrow that someone would play a game with people’s very valuable lives in order to…what? Profit? Everything is pointing to messing up the supply chain so that the prices will go up for PPEs. People are dying, families are losing their loved ones, people have lost their jobs, many more will lose their jobs, the economy is in turmoil. People were allowed to go to Florida and party for Spring Break. Then came back and infected a bunch of people.

The deaths on this scale were preventable. We knew what was going on in China, and we had time to prepare. We should’ve gotten tests; we should’ve gotten more masks. If we had these things in place, people could be working. Our economy could be surviving all this.

Federal government, current president: fix this. Make testing and masks widely available. Distribute the stockpile of PPEs you have been buying. Don’t bid against other states and unnecessarily raise prices. Put aside politicking and ego and help the places that need it the most regardless of political affiliation. Get impacted cities more hospital beds and ventilators. Show us you can lead and make a positive impact instead of making things worse.


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